Friday, January 26, 2007

Announcing the winners of my 1st annual photo contest!!!
I was suprised at how many entries I received! Thank you all for taking the time to look at my site and enter my photo contest. There were so many adorable kids, it was REALLY hard to choose the winners. Without the help of my judges, I never would have been able to choose, so thank you judges! Ok, so we have decided on six first prize winners. I had to split up the 1-3 age group into two, because it was impossible to choose with all those cuties, so there are now six categories instead of five. These first prize winners each received a gift certificate for a free session and a $100 credit toward their order. Congratulations! We also decided on a 2nd prize winner for each category, who will each receive a free session. Runners up are listed with the second prize winners below, because they were the ones we had narrowed it to in the end before choosing the winners, and I thought they should also be mentioned. Ok, here you have it!

Abigail Mary Block
1st prize for 0-12 month category

It was those big blue eyes and adorable smile that won over our judges!

Rilynn Reed

First prize for 1 yr category
That innocent face and great sense of style is what took Rilynn to the top!

Aurora Jacobson
1st prize for 2-3 yr olds
That little pout and beautiful hair made our judges melt!

Gavin Joseph Vetsch
1st prize for ages 4-7
Something about those eyes and that smile - he looks like a sweet kid!

Kaitlin Schiltz
1st prize winner for 8-12 year olds

The whole girl next door look got this cutie in the door!

Dillon Waldoch

1st prize for 13-17 year olds

Hardly even 13, this boy will soon be quite the heartbreaker!

And now announcing our second prize winners and runners up:

Blake Maher

Ethan Sutliff

Dominic Carlton

Amanda Peterson

Tyler Ketzmacher

Sam Ganyaw

Ashlyn Grace Vetsch

Andrew Lee

Ethan Behun

Sammi Rae Odegaard

Emma Lindsay

Sydney Holm

Emily Hannon

Kiera Newcombe

Jackson Navarro

Gabrielle Nelson

Connor Severson

Emmet Sutliff

Gabe and Blake