Thursday, November 02, 2006

I went to the doctor today and they gave me steroids to ease the inflamation in my lungs. Does that mean I'm going to get big muscles? Haha, no really though, I have to take 9 pills tomorrow! Doesn't that just sound insane??? And now my throat is starting to hurt. It didn't hurt before. Will this ever go away or am I just going to have to live with this forever? I guess I should probably go to bed since Nina seems to be waking up extra early since daylight spending time last Sunday. Mama is NOT too happy about that! Anyway, I'm going to be ordering business card wallets with each order now that clients can pass out to their friends with their kid's picture on them. Here's a sample:


Mye said...

Hello Kari! I found you blog from another blog link, wanted to stop by and say hi! And comment on your photography, love it! I am trying to get started and wanted to ask you where do you get your prints order from, if you don't mind sharing....if you do that's not a problem either.

Kari said...

Hi, I don't have your email, but I'd be happy to respond to your question! Send me an email at


amanda said...

I LOVElovelove the 2nd one!

Tiffany said...

I hope you feel better...if not get nice muscles maybe you'll shot more pictures bec you have more strength...I got my steroids to from my severe allergy on the skin, and told the doctor will I shot well with my camera because of this?!?!?

I hope you feel better...your business card looks awesome.

Take care.

Julie C Butler said...

Hope you are feeling better ..
I have a cold too - but from the sounds of it - nowhere near as bad as yours!!
These Bus Cards are awsome !
Great job!