Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I cannot believe it's taken this long for me to post! I am so sorry!!! I have been SWAMPED. My schedule was looking great. I had all the dates filled up where I wanted them to be to keep me busy, yet steady; enough time to keep up with everything and everything was running smoothly. Well, then I got a couple of calls from new parents who wanted their newborn photographed while they were still tiny, and well, I can't turn down a tiny new baby. So I happily fit them into my schedule. Well then, I got a call from the Foursome Kid's Clothing store in Wayzata, who is remodeling their baby and toddler departments and wants to use some of my work on their walls. Well that's such a great opportunity for me to show off my work and get recognition, so of course I jumped at that chance! Guess what? That means more sessions added to my already busy calendar, but I happily take on the challenge!

Fast forward two weeks and I'm booked to full capacity, no time to catch up, two weddings to shoot, and guess what? My computer crashes! AHH! Could there be any better timing? Really? So now I'm still super busy, fully booked for the next month, trying to get used to my new computer, lots of orders to process, etc etc etc. But, I had to stop in and share some of my sessions with you, so here you have it. This little girl was a doll. She was so much fun to work with and her family is so nice! Excuse the notes on some of them. They were my suggestions to them on which ones I thought would look great on their wall. I'll post more from other sessions later. Gotta go catch up on proofing!

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