Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Alright, so I had my first busy weekend! That's exciting! Now if only the rest of the week could be like this! I had three shoots between Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and I think they all went very well! The first one was of a super happy 8 month old boy. I knew it would be a fun shoot when I walked through the door and got a big grin right off the bat! They had a great entryway in their house. It had a great rustic look to it, so it made a great backdrop for black and white photos. The walls were pink, and since he is a boy, it wasn't working too well for color, but that's ok! I love the look and feel of black and white.

My Sunday shoot was a bit more challenging to say the least! It was supposed to be an overcast day, but what do those weather guys know? The sun was out full blast just begging to challenge me. Well, I was up for the battle. No blazing sun was going to stop me! So, with the sun in all it's glory and two very energetic children, I went to work. I found the spot with the most shade, which had a little bit of sun on their hair, which I think added a nice accent, so it worked nicely. The kids were adorable and full of personality and energy, and I think I captured that pretty well. I managed to work with the lighting situation I was put in and ended up with results I think everyone will be happy with.

The third one is an old friend from high school, who is engaged. She HATES getting her picture taken and never likes pictures of herself, so it was an honor that she would trust me to do her photos! She says that the only pictures of herself that she likes are ones I took of her several years ago in the studio. That was a nice ego booster! Anyway, this couple was a lot of fun. The way they interacted with each other was kind of funny. They are outspoken and easy going, pretending to push each other into the water, giving each other the "look", and just cracking jokes. I just finished proofing their session and when she got a chance to see them online, she tells me, "I actually really like these!" Well, normally I would be thinking, actually? What, you didn't expect to like them? But coming from her, it really is a compliment. Like I said before, she's not too keen on having her picture taken, so to get some that she really likes is a big step, and I'm proud to be able to do that for her!


Tori said...

Kari, these are great! I love them..and I bet your friend is at ease that she can trust you..(I have a friend like that)...They are coming across a little pixelated..which must be the net..But, they are terrific!!! :)
p.s. did you use your 50mm lens?

Laurie said...

these pictures are all so wonderful. the bride to be must be happy with them.
I found your blog from the 2 Peas photography board.
I also am new to the blog world since Aug. my link should be with my post.. :o)
your black and whites of the baby are also very cute!

Christie said...

I just want to say thanks, it was nice to get to come home and get these beautiful pictures taken of my son and niece, you did such an excellent job and I thank you for your patience!