Monday, February 05, 2007

I've decided to make a late new year's resolution, and that is to keep my blog up to date all the time! I haven't been paying enough attention to my blog, and I know it's a great way to keep everyone up to date on new things going on on my end, such as new products, specials and anything else. So I promise to keep this resolution. If I am not paying enough attention to my blog, please call me on it and put me in my place! I can handle being pushed around a bit!

Ok, so I should post something interesting now! Here we go!

I have some new products, services, and promotions to introduce. Yay!
First of all, I just added Portrait Parties to my list of services. I'm really excited to get into these; they look like so much fun! Here's what it is: The host (you) would invite 5 or more of your friends and they would come over to your home, meet at the park, or wherever you choose and share a photo session. The host would get a free 8x10 for her efforts, and for every $100 the group spends on portraits, she also recieves a $25 credit toward any portrait purchase. If someone from the group books a full session of their own or another portrait party, the host also receives a $50 credit. So this is a great way to get free portraits, and to let your friends get a preview of what a session with me is like, without any commitment. The proofs will be available online for two weeks, in which time all orders must be placed. There is no pressure to order right away, since you do all your ordering in the comfort of your own home at your computer. How easy is that? Now here are some sample ideas of why you'd have a portrait party:

A teenager's birthday (Teens love to have their picture taken with their friends)
You have lots of friends with babies or children
Lady's night intimates (Get your girlfriends together and create a gift for your husband/boyfriend - nightgowns or lingerie, very tasteful, classy intimate photos)
Any time you want a mini portrait session of your child, but don't need a full session.

When NOT to have a portrait party and book your own session:
Your child is reaching a milestone (newborn, 6 months, 1 yr, or other birthday) - you'll want full attention on your child only at this time.
Senior portraits - same reason as above, though seniors are welcome to bring friends for a group photo.
Large family gatherings - when you want a large family photographed together and individual family portraits, this does not qualify for a portrait party and must be booked as a full session.

Ok, now that you know about portrait parties, here are a few more announcements:

Senior Reps!
Calling all high school seniors!!!
I am looking for 3 senior reps to start out the class of 2008 with custom on location senior portraits! You could get your senior portraits free! Here's what's involved:

The first three graduating seniors of 2008 to contact me and mention this offer will receive a complimentary FULL DAY session (must be completed by the end of May 2007 - see my website for details on senior portraits) and 100 rep cards with their photos printed on them. Your job is to give these cards out to as many other 2008 graduates as possible and tell them how much fun you had at your session. For every person who books a senior session and uses your rep card, you will get a $50 credit toward your own senior portraits! So the more people you refer, the more free portraits you recieve! Your proof gallery will be online all summer long, instead of two weeks, so you can continue to order more free portraits as you get more referrals. You will be showcased on this blog with a few of the portraits from your session, and your photos will be added to an up and coming website that will be all about seniors!

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