Sunday, February 11, 2007

Looks like I've been tagged again! Now I have to list 6 things that are wierd about me. Why would I want to share that with anyone? Oh well, you wanted to know...

1. When I was a teenager I was insanely crazy about the country singer Bryan White. I camped out on a bench at the state fair so I could get in the front row - and got on the news. SO proud!

2. In 2003 I moved to Mexico for 6 months, just because.

3. I call my kid munchkin butt sometimes. It just comes out.

4. I bite my cuticles. My nails look just fine but the skin around them are trashed.

5. I check my email 5 or more times a day. Gotta stay on top of things!

6. I drink diet Mt. Dew in the morning for caffeine instead of coffee.


Stephanie said...

Moved to Mexico, huh?? Neat! I wish I could pack up & move like that sometimes :)

amanda said...

woohoo! You really are keeping up on your blog. Sometimes I do the dt. mtn dew thing in the morning too. How funny! I thought that I was the only one...
I'm lovin your new banner. Looks great!